What's New

SAML Oauth Authentication

You can now setup SAML Oauth Authentication in your organization. Just go to the organization settings, press Edit and you will find all the information you need to set up SAML to give all your developers access.

Revision management system

You can now restore and delete revisions of your environmental variables in our brand new revision management system. We can't show you what changed between those revisions since we can't ever decrypt your secrets, but if you ever make a mistake and need to revert, now you know you can.

Full access logs available

You can now get full access to the log details for apps and environments

Rebuilt the CLI

We refactored and improved the CLI making various improvements including more verbose feedback, more sanity checks, and supporting the ability to make apps when a user has multiple accounts. Run cloudenv upgrade to get the latest version

Access/Deny Notification Emails

You can now specify if you want admins to receive notifications when an Environment Firewall rule has been triggered

API Tokens now have Allow/Deny IP Lists

API tokens can also now specify IP addresses or IP submasks to allow or deny any range of IP addresses

Environment Firewall with Allow/Deny IP Lists

You can now specify IP addresses or IP submasks to allow or deny any range of IP addresses

Fixed bug creating new apps

We had a temporary bug when you try to create new apps in the dashboard. It did not affect the CLI, but the bug has been fixed.

Global map

You can now see where in the world every env var pull request came from in a global map available inside each app detail page

New Support for Multiple Organizations

You can now add and manage multiple organizations, so you can keep your personal apps separate from your work apps.